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About Us
Timothy Court

Timothy has been in the IT Industry for the last seven years, working for an IT company operating in the Sport and Fitness market, as well as on a casual basis for various clients including the following:

  • Topline Sports

  • Dingley Fitness

  • Hunts Fitness

  • Box Hill TAFE

  • Starline Pty Ltd

  • Victorian Metropolitan Cricket Union

  • PulseTec Solutions

  • With a Masters of Applied IT, a Bachelor of Commerce (majors in Accounting, Management Information System and E-Commerce) and seven years industry experience, Timothy has gained many skills which include:

  • Web Devlopment

  • Technical Support (Hardware & Network)

  • Software Support

  • Software Development

  • Project Management

  • Implementation

  • Virus and Spyware Removal

  • Web Hosting and Domain Management

  • Timothy is well qualified to assist with your IT needs and has considerable experience dealing with small to medium business as well as home users.
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